April 8, 2015


Good Afternoon and welcome to the April ‘AUSPAN INFORM’

Featured in this months AUSPAN INFORM is:

  • AUSPAN Holiday Gifts wrap up.
  • A reminder of how AUSPAN can assist your projects.
  • Case Study #88 Download – Open Front Rural Machinery Shed in Grass Patch, WA.

AUSPAN Holiday Gifts Wrap Up:

The December / January ‘AUSPAN Holiday Gifts’ promotion was a success with the following list of rewards now constantly coming through the office on the way out to lucky clients:

  • 4x Makita Combo Battery Tool Kits (RRP $949 each)
  • 6x Legendary ‘Dream Catcher 3’ Fishing Kayaks ($699 each)
  • 1x 60L Engel Fridge ($1799 each)
  • 1x 80L Engel Fridge ($1899 each)
  • 3x Karcher 2500PSI Pressure Cleaners ($565 each)
  • 1x Portable Generator ($1649 each)
  • 1x KC Tool Kit (234 piece) ($1099 each)


A reminder of how AUSPAN can assist your projects.

AUSPAN are Western Australia’s leaders in the design and construction of structural steel sheds and buildings.

However we are more than just your partners for constructing steel frame sheds and buildings, we take care of the entire process – as specialists in the custom design and construction of sheds and buildings for all industries and with the unique ‘AUSPAN 100% Lifetime Guarantee’ on all products we provide quality solutions for you; from design and engineering, to fabrication, transportation and installation. And because of our globally leading processes and systems “AUSPAN delivers the easiest, quickest and safest sheds in all of Western Australia”. Contact Us to experience the difference.


Case Study #88 – Open Front Rural Machinery Shed in Grass Patch, WA.

Riverback Farms needed more machinery storage space – good sized shed and construction to last……

Please download the case study for further information.

Case Study 88 overview


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