August 2, 2016


Hello , and welcome to your August AUSPAN Inform.

Featured in this months Inform is:

  • Onslow Multipurpose Courts opening celebration.
  • Mike Clark endorses AUSPAN.
  • AUSPAN featured in 2016 MBWA Excellence in Construction Awards.


Onslow Multipurpose Courts opening celebration

The opening celebration for the ‘Onslow Multipurpose Courts’ facility is scheduled for Friday 19th August 2016. The brand new facility features an AUSPAN 3-Tier Curved cover to provide two undercover courts as well as one open air court, night lighting, car parks, spectator viewing, scoreboards, umpire and scoring facilities. AUSPAN’s capability to successfully design & construct large structures in Australia’s heaviest cyclone rated areas whilst working remotely were proven yet again.

This Design & Construct tender for this project was awarded to Pindan Constructions, who commenced construction in early 2016 and completed on time for the opening ceremony. AUSPAN’s role in providing a unique cost saving Design & Construction package for the court cover enabled the project to be completed within budget whilst maintaining an upper class aesthetic finish.

This court cover is a large 38.4m Cyclone Region D rated clear span with a centre height of 11.5m allowing clear playing area for all courts. The structure’s 900mm welded beam columns were utilised for placement of some profile cut turtle artwork plates which added a unique finish to the eye level steelwork.



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Mike Clark endorses AUSPAN

Mike Clark has been working with the team at AUSPAN over recent years – watch this short clip to hear his endorsement.

“Hi, Mike Clark from The Marketing Company, we specialise in bringing specialist sales & marketing training to businesses and we are the only company that guarantees results from our training. For us then as a company it is incredibly important for us to work with businesses that are prepared to take action and for us working with AUSPAN over the past 3 years has been an absolute privilege, in that they are a company that is dedicated to listening, understanding and asking probing questions that take them to the forefront of the industry that they’re in. Watching their growth over these years as they seek to become the very best, the most specialist people in the industry has been fabulous – if you want a group of people who care, who listen, who seek to understand and deliver the absolute best service possible – there is no better team to build your shed than AUSPAN. Get in touch with them today for people who deliver, take action and get the results that you need to get the shed that you want.”


AUSPAN featured in 2016 MBWA Excellence in Construction Awards

AUSPAN is featured on the rear cover of the ‘2016 MBWA Excellence in Construction Awards’. “Make your next D & C project an award winner with AUSPAN’s expertise” is a title that indicates where our focus and expertise lies and is set to prompt project builders to consult AUSPAN for assistance in winning more tenders.

MBWA Back Cover
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