January 10, 2017


Hello and welcome to your first AUSPAN INFORM for 2017.

This month’s update features the following topics:

  • What can I expect from the AUSPAN GROUP in 2017?
  • Testimonial VIDEO – Geraldton Boat Lifters Shed.
  • AUSPAN’s 7000km round trip over the holidays!


What can I expect from the AUSPAN GROUP in 2017?

As an integrated & advancing shed building group, 2017 promises to be a full year for the team here at AUSPAN…

– with our core goal of remaining the preferred partner for those completing industrial & agricultural D & C shed projects…you can rest assured that we are progressing to further extend our offering to the market across Western Australia and further afield.

We are pleased to share that we have started the year with a strong portfolio of projects of which you can expect to soon see updates on the following significant ones:

  • Albany Ag Society Complex.
  • Fruitico Coolstores.
  • Port Hedland Port Authority Workshop.
  • AUSPAN consolidated manufacturing facility.

There are also some exciting developments coming up in our SHEDSPAN(cold formed sheds) and FORMSPAN(purlins & bridging) brands to be launched this year.


Testimonial VIDEO – Geraldton Boat Lifters

Please follow the link in your INFORM for a few comments direct from Jason Winterbottom of Bell Constructions in Geraldton, he was the driving force behind the recent Geraldton Boat Lifters Shed and has been working with AUSPAN for a number of years.
One of his comments was:

“AUSPAN made our job as the builder very, very easy”

Please also feel free to refer back to the ‘AUSPAN Roof Lift Video‘ of the project which was shared with you in December’s INFORM.


AUSPAN’s 7000km round trip over the holidays!

On the 14th of November 2016 AUSPAN was awarded the contract to supply a new basketball court cover to the remote community of Willowra, 350kms north of Alice Springs.
Our commitment to and capability of delivering projects on time was highlighted by the specific 7000km round trip delivery of this building over the recent holiday period.
We wish you all the best for 2017 and look forward to working through your projects with you as they come up.


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