July 3, 2014


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AUSPAN has begun work on 2 new buildings on Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Footings are completed and the structure of the first building starting to take shape.

The islands are an Australian Territory located in the Indian Ocean 2768km north-west of Perth, 3685km due west of Darwin, approximately 900km south-south west of Christmas Island and approximately 1000km south-west of Java and Sumatra.

The highest point above sea level is 9 meters which is located on South Island.

The islands comprise an area totalling approximately 14 square kilometres.

The 2 inhabited islands are Home Island (the home of the Cocos Malay community and the Shire Office, with a population of 466) and West Island on which is located the airport, Government Offices, the homes of virtually all Government and contracted employees, and some private residences, with a population of 141.

The only passenger transport connection with the rest of the world is by an air service to Christmas Island and Perth.

Large items of freight are arranged on a monthly shipping service.

The Cocos Malay community speak Cocos Malay with English as a second language. Bahasa Indonesia and English are taught in the schools.

This exciting island project is off to a good start – keep your eyes open for the ‘AUSPAN Cocos Island case study’ for more details and photos.

Please feel free to call us today on 1300 271 220 to begin the design/pricing stage of your project.

As you can see by these project details – however remote you are situated AUSPAN is here  to assist!!!

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