July 4, 2017


Hello and welcome to your AUSPAN Inform for July 2017.

This month’s update features the following topics:

  • WOW – check out this footage of the Centennial Park Pavilion roof lifts.
  • NEW Testimonial Video – North Stirling Downs
  • Check out the photo gallery feature added to our website


WOW – check out this footage from the Centennial Park Pavilion roof lifts.

This was Monday 12th of June 2017 in Albany, Western Australia. AUSPAN’s roof lift #536 but this footage from the 2x 1800m² lifts has got to take the cake.

This 1minuite 49second overview of the roof lift even captures the iconic Albany Entertainment Center overlooking the Princess Royal Harbour.


NEW Testimonial Video – North Stirling Downs.

Check out our latest testimonial video from Wayne Pech of North Stirling Downs in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

“Some of what AUSPAN add to their sheds are other peoples optional extras which end up costing the same amount anyway”


Check out the new ‘photos gallery’ added to our website!

Here at AUSPAN we have always shared any site photos or project updates around the team internally and have recently decided to make this available to anyone that is interested to follow our project updates and site photos as they come in.

Please keep your eye on this page as it is updated daily with photos direct from our current factory & sites progress.


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