March 6, 2018


Hello, and welcome to your AUSPAN Inform for March 2018.

This month’s update features the following topics:

  • AUSPAN starts on site at the Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Facility
  • NEW Testimonial Video – check out the speed of this one!
  • Quote of the Month


AUSPAN starts on site at the Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Facility.

This project is providing a new recreation hub for City of Cockburn and is also relocating the existing Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Club to modern new facilities.

AUSPAN are pleased to be subcontracting to Crothers Construction in providing the complete design & construction of the new bowling green cover.

Work to start on Visko Park Bowling and Recreation Club
Cockburn Recreation Centre
Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Facility

NEW Testimonial Video – 56m shed completed in under 4 weeks.

AUSPAN proved yet again that we stand behind our ‘Unbeatable Lead time guarantee’ with this contract being signed on the 7th of Feb our client put us to the test to see if we ‘say what we do & do what we say’.

The challenge was to have the 840m² shed delivered to site within 3 weeks of contract signing. We can now confirm the Shed was installed ready for our client to use in less than 3 weeks!!!

Complete on the 27th of Feb!!!


Famous quote that dates back many years we thought was relevant to our Guarantee for an Unbeatable Lead Time!

“Time & Tide Waits for No Man”

The meaning of this phrase is that “no one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time” and as AUSPAN knows very well this is very true for any construction project.

Make sure you speak to one of the AUSPAN team regarding your next project to ensure that it is completed on time!

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