September 5, 2018


Hello, and welcome to your AUSPAN Inform for September 2018.

This month’s update features the following topics:

  • Mingenew Expo, Dowerin & Newdegate Field Days
  • HV Workshop Award
  • Steel Price Rise


Agricultural Field Days

This month the team has been busy with the Mingenew Expo & Dowerin Field Days. Dave brought along his immaculately restored 1973 model XA which certainly turned heads along with the showcase of the ‘AUSPAN 2018 HONDA PRIZE DRAW’ which we had on display. AUSPAN will be at site 75 at the Newdegate Field Day tomorrow so drop by and see Steve, Dave or Lloyd.



HV Workshop

We are pleased to announce AUSPAN has been awarded two Heavy Vehicle Workshop buildings. These buildings are currently in final design phase and will be moving through fabrication for installation in November. The construction of these new HV workshops will enable maintenance of our clients fleet which includes some of Caterpillars largest mining trucks.



Steel Price Rise

To give you the heads up we have been told of a steel price rise of between 6 & 10% coming up in on the 10th of this month. We have worked with our suppliers to minimise its impact and would encourage anyone that is close to making their investment decision to do so by the end of this month to avoid any increase. Please call us now so we can get your new shed underway in September to beat the steel rise!

Click here to download the Steel Price Rise Letter


If you have any questions or queries regarding customized building solutions here in WA – then feel free to contact us now.





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