Build your skills and career at Auspan.

We have a proud history of building exceptional steel sheds and steel frame buildings at Auspan, but that’s not all we’ve built. We’ve also formed one of our industry’s most progressive and innovative teams, which makes ours the ideal environment in which to build your skills and career.

We’ve also formed one of our industry’s most progressive, innovative and lean manufacturing teams

What can you bring to our multidisciplinary team?

Our expertise spans the design, fabrication, logistics and installation spectrum. However, as a growing business with operations and a pipeline of projects that span Western Australia (WA), we also have a great back-office team behind the scenes.

This means we’re always looking for individuals with a range of talents and experience to join us.

If you share our progressive approach and can combine initiative and ambition with proven experience in your area of expertise, we offer excellent remuneration and a safe and supportive environment in which to fulfil your potential. So send us your CV – we’d love to hear from you.

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