Agricultural buildings and farm sheds across WA

Agricultural & Farm Sheds

You’ll find AUSPAN farm sheds throughout Western Australia as a relied upon property investment offering security and protection for machinery, produce, livestock and workshop equipment. In fact, with our agricultural buildings and sheds on farms in even the most remote areas of WA including Rawlinna, Yalgoo, Kununurra & Fitzroy Crossing you could say we’re as much a part of Western Australia’s landscape as the rolling green hills of the south, the broad acre of the Wheatbelt and the Pindan Plains of the Kimberley.

Our farm sheds are built to last

But why do so many farms choose our sheds? The answer is simple – AUSPAN is your only choice for farm sheds in WA that are built to last – we don’t simply sell you a standard shed and leave you with It – we partner with you, work through your required design, offer customised design assistance to meet your unique requirements  and then install the exact shed you need. Incorporating your addition of mezzanine storage area, concrete walls for grain storage, workshop cranage and everything else that is typical of a farmer’s hub. Every single AUSPAN building is designed for purpose and built to last, even in WA’s most challenging cyclone prone environments and harsh climate. With all of our sheds and steel framed constructions backed by our ‘AUSPAN 100% Lifetime Guarantee’, you are guaranteed a quality built farm shed that will last you a lifetime. So, check out our range of custom options for farm sheds in WA and contact us to request a quote.

Here are just some of our farm sheds in WA


Wayne Pech | North Stirling Downs

Dave & Danny Imberti | Emcosh Grazing

Roger Newman | Linton Park Farms

Scott Cunningham Malbro Farms

Innovation In Action - The Sheep Saleyards

Select from agricultural & farm sheds projects

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