Iconic Facility for Dryandra Equestrian Centre

04 November 2014
Case Study #83
Value Bracket$500k-$700k
Manufacture9.5 weeks
Site time15 days
AUSPAN Guarantee

Unique and elegant curved roof design in the 70 x 40m Dryandra Equestrian Facility.

Client Brief

The Shire of Cuballing called a Design and Construct Tender for a large Equestrian Arena Cover. Tenderers were given the area size to cover and required to design a cost effective building that was aesthetically pleasing.

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN stretched the boundaries of traditional truss design and presented a proposal including a 40m clearspan curved roof design with a curved highlight/ventilation section. The aesthetics speak for themselves.


The curved structure brought some manufacturing challenges, as well as challenges in delivery to site. The trusses were transported to site in 20m sections on an extendable trailer.


  • 40m clearspan providing clear riding
  • Curved Roof design is very pleasing aesthetically
  • Custom rainwater system where all rainwater is plumped underground to the storage dam adjacent via four large PVC pipes. All rainwater directed to the four corners of the building via AUSPANS custom designed tapered gutter system.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

“A very rewarding project!! The curved design added an interesting dimension to the fabrication, delivery and installation sides of the project. Very satisfying delivering an iconic building which will host international events.”

Ben Richardson

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Customer Testimonial

For us as a regional association, having that cover means protection from the weather, increase in membership, competitions and social activities; it’s very versatile. We had a lot of local support for this building. We find people come just to look at the building; it’s a feature that’s unique and blends in with the landscape.

For our first endurance ride we had around 100 entries, and the cover meant the vetting could be done without anyone getting wet – the vets were just ecstatic! No one has come through those gates that hasn’t enjoyed it. The horses react well to it, making the arena safe and comfortable.

Every interaction we have had with AUSPAN was totally positive, they were interested enough to listen and answer our queries. They were happy to do good consultation. So we’re very happy with the service we’ve had from Auspan


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