Open Front Machinery Shed for Keith Pocock

17 August 2018
Case Study #647
Value Bracket$85 - 100K
Manufacture2 Weeks
Site time3 Days
AUSPAN Guarantee

56m(l) x 15m (w) x 6m (h) Open Front Machinery Shed

Client Brief

Keith needed to replace an old machinery shed after a storm ripped through. with a replacement budget in mind Keith set to work negotiating the biggest shed possible to fit his budget.

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN made a site visit to get a full understanding of our clients requirements. We were then able to taylor a solution that maxamised m2 of coverage for the sale price.


Keith put us to the challenge and requested a very tight lead time without compromising on quality.


  • Large 8m bays for wide machinery access
  • Solid bracing to support the shed against wind loads
  • Solid universal beam and welded truss construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized columns & duragal trusses
  • Unique custom tapered utter system diverting storm water to one end

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

I really enjoyed getting this project over the line for Keith. It is very satisfying to deliver a project with the AUSPAN team being entirley customer focused and guaranteeing we could over deliver to our promise to Keith.
Great to see another client extremely satisfied with the AUSPAN experience!

Charles Hill, Design & Construction Specialist

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Customer Testimonial

What they said they were gonna do they followed through on it there were no if’s or buts. What they said they stuck to and that’s the way I like business to be done. We signed the contract one day a fortnight later the shed was here and 3 days later it was built.

Keith Pocock, Owner

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