Agricultural Machinery / Workshop Shed in Pingelly, WA

04 February 2014
Case Study #206
Value Bracket$100K - $250K
Manufacture8 weeks
Site time11 days
AUSPAN Guarantee

36m(l) x 24m(w) x 6.5m(h) Open front machinery shed with 12x24m enclosed workshop.

Client Brief

Malbro Farms’ brief was based on achieving a once in a life time workshop and machinery storage building with the aim of improving work conditions, security and adding value to their family farm.

Auspan Solutions

Auspan worked on a complete design and construction package with Malbro Farms through design revisions and a complimentary site consultation.

The result was a customised state of the art Machinery/Workshop Shed which they now enjoy.


  • The workshop was enclosed to allow staff to work out of the weather and ensure the security of tools and machinery.
  • A customised tapered gutter system was created to deliver all stormwater to a tank at one end of the shed.
  • To ensure that large machinery could access the shed it was equipped with column removals and a triple track door system to enable wide openings. A sliding door was installed in the back wall of the shed to enable long machinery a ‘drive through’ bay.
  • The structure has been designed to accommodate a full length cantilever canopy to the front of the shed.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

“Enjoyed working with a forward thinking client to design the ideal shed for their day-today needs. Overall very rewarding project.”

Steve Richardson

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Customer Testimonial

AUSPAN was very easy to work with throughout the whole process of getting our shed up.

Especially during the designing stage Auspan allowed us to make many changes to the design to ensure we got the final product we were after. We chose Auspan because we
liked their initial customer service, easy to talk to and deal with over the phone and the extra features they offered. These included girdertruss upgrade for future extension as well as their tapered gutter and rain head system.

The final product is of good quality, practicality and has added a lifetime of value to our property. We would highly recommend Auspan to anyone looking to build a new shed.

Malbro Farms

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