Moora Citrus Packing Shed and Covered Loading Facility

03 April 2018
Case Study #546
Value Bracket$1000 - $1250K
Manufacture6 Weeks
Site time6 Weeks
AUSPAN Guarantee

The largest citrus packing facility in Western Australia – Moora Citrus Pack Shed, Bindoon, WA

Client Brief

Following up on a recommendation, GSD Architects approached AUSPAN to assist with the design and construction of this impressive packing shed and covered loading facility. As the project progressed, this also involved working with Shane Kay the manager of Moora Citrus to make sure all their requirements were considered for a successful build..

Auspan Solutions

In liaison with the client and architect, AUSPAN, designed and delivered a 1st class building to house the state-of-the-art technology/equipment which will enable fresh citrus to be washed, waxed, treated, cooled, graded and packaged for domestic and export markets.


Building a facility this size that incorporated the key design features including matching into the existing shed on site, came with some challenges. This was overcome by working closely with the client to understand their needs and detailed planning by the AUSPAN project team to deliver on the schedule in co-ordination with the other trades


  •  6225m² of floor space – The largest citrus packing facility in Western Australia
  • 40m Clear span to allow efficient machinery operation and storage
  • Covered loading and unloading area
  • Utilises the existing shed by sealing up against it and opening between to allow free access
  • Insulated roof and ridge vent to maintain a good working environment.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

Great project to be part of. A rewarding experience to see the industry leading progress of the Moora Citrus team and the way they include their staff. This project and company is an asset to the whole area

Mike Richardson

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Customer Testimonial

From the first contact when we began talking about the feasibility they’ve been a great company to work with and have helped us with design ideas and some of the things that we’ve seen implemented are great! we have had a fantastic experience from the beginning! We hadn’t worked with AUSPAN previously but from the onset we found that everybody in the company was great to deal with, very helpful with suggestions. We worked through the whole project without any issues at all we were happy with time frames the architects we used were very happy with the company also so we couldn’t really fault AUSPAN at all we’re very happy with the end product.

Shane Kay, Moora Citrus

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