New Goad Transport Depot in Forrestdale Business Park

02 September 2014
Case Study #167
Value Bracket$250k-$500k
Manufacture11 weeks
Site time19 days
AUSPAN Guarantee

2x 30x24m Sheds for new Goads Transport freight depot

Client Brief

Roger at Goad’s Transport had delivered several sheds for AUSPAN so he knew where to call when he needed two sheds for their new depot in Forrestdale. He required mezzanine floors for offices, awnings, concrete dado walls and facade features – the depot was to be quite a development.

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN worked with Goad Transport to design the required depot sheds incorporating a mezzanine floor for office fit out, staircase and railing to suit, concrete dado panels to council aesthetic requirements, facade window awning and branded architectural feature fins.


These sheds were relatively straightforward and did not present a challenge to the experienced AUSPAN team.


  • Concrete dado panels provide extra security and better appearance.
  • Facade window awnings create window shade and a better road front appearance.
  • Mezzanine floor including staircase and railing providing structure for the office fit out, second floor offices or extra storage space.
  • Facade architectural fin is a cost effective, well branded feature.
  • Provision to add unloading area enables cost effective additions if required.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

Another rewarding project – looks great now it is operational!
Ben Richardson – Project Manager

Great project to work through from the start and ending up with a well presented, rewarding development in Forrestdale Business Park.
Steve Richardson – Salesperson

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Customer Testimonial

AUSPAN worked with us to develop the best outcome to provide the new depot facilities and stay within our budget region. The components and workmanship of manufacture and installation were great, construction was timely and without complication. We now have a great long term asset.

Roger Goad, Proprietor

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