Open Front Machinery Shed for Emcosh Grazing

17 August 2018
Case Study #446
Value Bracket$50 $100K
Manufacture6 Weeks
Site time6 Days
AUSPAN Guarantee

40m(l) x 18m (w) x 6.65m(h) Open Front Machinery Shed

Client Brief

Emcosh Grazing were looking for a company to take an interest in not only solving their
immediate need for more machinery storage, but also to look into the future and make sure that their new building was setup for what they may need to use it for. This meant planning their shed yard layout and adding everything required to bolt on sliding doors later on without unnecessary site work

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN worked through several options and layouts to ensure the shed built was the most cost effective and usable it could be. By working through the detail with the guys at Emcosh, the now have the building they needed and is ready for the future.



  • 2 x 16m Girder trusses
  • All set up for future sliding doors, including holes and brackets
  • Tapered gutter system delivering all stormwater to one end into a water tank

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

Nothing like building for a local! Enjoyed working with a forward-thinking client to achieve a nice machinery shed with 2 x 16m openings all set up for future sliding doors and internal wall.

Ben Richardson, General Manager

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Customer Testimonial

Overall experience I would rate as very good, they were very adaptable to
challenges we had at the time. They were very easy to work with. The shed is very good, it has no structural issues and it has made our storing of
machines very easy.

Dave Imberti

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