Multi-purpose Sports Facility Cover in Yalgoo, WA

04 March 2014
Case Study #187
Value Bracket$100k - $250k
Manufacture12 weeks
Site time14 days
AUSPAN Guarantee

30m(l) x 36m(w) x 6m(h) Multi-purpose sports facility for the Yalgoo Community

Client Brief

The Shire of Yalgoo requested a distinctive 3-tier curved arena cover for the communities multi-purpose sports facility.

Auspan Solutions

Auspan worked with the local council to come up with a design and construction package that would give character and uniqueness to the communities new multi-purpose sports facility
cover. Having limited access to one side of the structure was a challenge for the install. This was overcome after discussing options with the install team and crane company prior to starting the project to work out a suitable lift plan.


  • The cover has a unique curved design which give a distinctive and enhanced appearance to the structure.
  • The AUSPAN 3-tier tier roof design with the top section highlights improved airflow while adding to the aesthetics of the building.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

“Was an interesting project, being in a remote location meant that it was critical to have everything in place and on time for the install.”


“Was a rewarding project from helping in the design to seeing a really impressive finished product for the community to use.”


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Customer Testimonial

Everyone likes it, it looks good – I like it. Auspan did a good job of the installation.

Shire of Yalgoo

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