New Rotary Dairy Shed in Yarloop

03 February 2015
Case Study #204
Value Bracket$100k-$250k
Manufacture7 weeks
Site time10 days
AUSPAN Guarantee

New 30×23 metre 50 stand Rotary Dairy Shed in Yarloop

Client Brief

Being a once in a lifetime project, the Angi family wanted a top quality building for their new state of the art dairy.

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN worked with Tony and his local farm supplies agent Ray to design and deliver a first class structure to accommodate the various equipment and rooms required for their new 50 stand rotary dairy facility.


There were no particular challenges other than making sure the building had adequate clearances and access for the operation of the dairy.


  • Gable and side infill for increased weather protection.
  • Compressor/pump area for protecting the equipment outside the main shed area.
  • Custom cladding height to suit internal cool room/offices.

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

Very good project to manage, the client is obviously a progressive dairy farmer. A major investment.
Selwyn Imberti – Project Manager

Enjoyed working with Tony and Ray and proud to have a key part in building their impressive new dairy facility.
Mike Richardson – Salesperson

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Customer Testimonial

Ten out of ten – Excellent Job! We are very pleased and proud of our new Auspan dairy shed – Very happy!!!

Tony Angi, Dairy Owner

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