CJD Equipment’s new Workshop/Warehouse/ Office facility in Port Hedland, WA

26 June 2015
Case Study #137
Value Bracket$1.5M - $2M
Manufacture16 Weeks
Site time27 Days
AUSPAN Guarantee

72x25m Workshop/Warehouse/Office facility with 10T gantry crane and 480m2 mezzanine area

Client Brief

CJD Equipment’s Asset Manager approached AUSPAN to construct their new premises in Port Hedland, Western Australia. They owned a block of land and required a company to partner with to effectively design and build their new state of the art facility.

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN worked with CJD Equipment from initial concept design, budget estimates and cost saving alternatives to achieve the best customised long term solution for the facility. AUSPAN then partnered with local project builder Karratha Contracting to successfully deliver the complete project.


Managing and building a facility in a regional location.


  • 380m2 open plan office area under mezzanine storage area
  • Drive through workshop featuring floor service pit and 10T overhead gantry crane
  • Concrete fire wall separating warehouse from workshop
  • Simple architectural canopies and fin features
  • Cantilever canopies providing added weather protection and shade

AUSPAN Project Manager Testimonial

I feel privileged to have been involved in this significant project that will benefit CJD Equipment and the Pilbara for years to come. Thanks to the team – Alan, Kevin, Gary and Todd – it has been a rewarding experience!

Steve Richardson, Director

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Customer Testimonial

We felt comfortable in AUSPAN’s approach in developing this business for us in our new state of the art facility up here in Port Hedland.There were a number of reasons we chose AUSPAN and believing in what they could do in a regional location was a key part to that success.They are a West Australian family company as we are so we were pleased to go with them and I am really pleased with the outcome we have seen today. We would very much recommend AUSPAN for any other facilities we were doing, or to any of our customers or suppliers or friends or otherwise…

Alan Barnett, Managing Director

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