June 13, 2013


Auspan Group’s unique installation method has recently been utilised to great advantage at Rio Tinto’s West Angelas Power Station site near Newman.

Several of the required structural steel buildings for the Power Station were awarded to Auspan Group. The first off the ranks was the Water Treatment Plant Building with a scheduled site time of 16 days. After liaison with other trades and requirements on site Auspan Group conducted careful planning to utilise the company’s unique construction method of building the complete roof at ground level and then being lifted into place by cranes.

On this particular project there were many advantages of incorporating this method as it allowed the following:

  • Majority of working at heights tasks completed at ground level,
  • Water Treatment Plant was installed onto the pad prior to lifting the building into place(saving expensive dismantling to install the plant after the building was completed)
  • Installation works were completed in just 7 days. (44% of the scheduled site time)

As could be expected the ‘Auspan lift day’ gathered the interest of the RTIO site supervisors and OH & S personnel who were impressed with the additional safety offered by the innovative procedure.

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